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CAPE TOWN - A study recently released by researchers from King's Business School shows that hotels are not using the most effective marketing messages to reach out their customers.

Every business strives to align its messages with its target market, but according to the study, this seems to be the opposite for hotels' star ratings and their customers. It has been discovered that men are more sensitive to price than women, while female hotel customers place greater significance on the standard of the bathroom.

The research further identified that homeliness and events management are important for five-star hotels, while room experience and communication were basic requirements at one-star level. Professor Stuart Barnes of King's Business School says hotels need to position themselves carefully by transmitting key marketing messages to target ideal customers. 

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“However, not all factors are considered by hotels and hotel comparison websites, like homeliness and natural beauty which the research revealed to be important for top-rated hotels and older consumers,” Barnes concluded.

According to the statement, the application of advanced, mathematical machine learning techniques has provided an important development in marketing as Barnes, in collaboration with Hohai University, used them to develop a new model, which was compared with traditional numerical ratings.