South Africa's food industry is in tip-top shape as of the end of 2016 and the industry is further expected to amplify. Photo: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - South Africa's food industry is in tip-top shape as of the end of 2016. The food industry is further expected to amplify. 

According to Statistics South Africa, South Africa’s income from the takeaway and fast food sector was R170 billion in 2015. In addition, the number of adults who purchase fast food at least once a month has increased from 66% in 2009 to over 800% in 2015.

“I treat myself every month on payday”, says Tracia Deyce. For Tracia, eating at take out occurs at least four times a month. 

“I take my dad to Ocean Basket, that’s a norm [sic] and I would dine out with my friends every month. This is excluding what I spend during the week”, adds Deyce. 

Deyce says that she spends on average R1 500 per month on takeout. 

Notably, the number of takeout stores in South Africa is expected to increase by 4% annually, according to Insight Survey. 

In addition to this, technology has fueled the food industry to greater heights. 

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Innovative technology such as drones and vending machines have made access to food even more convenient. Germany has already modified vending machines by serving fresh pies. 

The vending machine, titled Let’s Pizza, serves 10.5" "fresh" pies 24 hours a day for R84.77. The machine cleverly kneads the dough, sauces the pizza, adds toppings and heats the pizza in three minutes. 

Another respondent, Vernon Pillay said that he spends on average R4 000 a month on take out. This large sum of money is spent at 10 restaurants per month, says Pillay. 

Pillay justifies his expense by saying: “I buy lunch everyday”. 

The popular take outs include Mc Donalds, Burger King and Food Lover’s eatery. 

Similarly, Ashley Lechman and Nkosemantu Stuurman said that they frequent take outs to the likes of McDonalds and Burger King. Their monthly expense on take out accounts to R800 and R2000 respectively. 

There has been additional roll outs of stores in South Africa over the past few years which account for 3-5 percent growth. 

Hence, South Africa's food industry has a growing appetite.  "I try to save but it's difficult", concludes Stuurman. 

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