Use Instagram to market your business Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - To market your own business can be very tough, but with the help of the right social media plan, it can be a breeze.

Social media platforms like Instagram can help boost your business and your brand. 

Here are some tips that help you grow your brand on Instagram:

1. Take advantage of free Instagram tools 

Instagram has business profiles which mostly mirrors the business profiles that can be found on Facebook. The profile has a large contact call-to-action, allowing users to contact your business through email, call or text the business. 

Along with contact option, business profiles are connected to analytics which provides the user entry to impression and engagement data. 

2. Post on all your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter using Instagram. 

Invite them to follow you Instagram. This can help you get more followers, who love your brand, on Instagram.  They follow you on social media so they are already showing interest in your brand, Instagram will be another avenue for them to connect socially to your business. 

3. Do not swamp your followers but post enough.

This is so your brand can simply remain relevant. If you overwhelm your audience, they might, in the end, unfollow your account because they feel inundated. 

4. Design your own hashtag. 

Creating your own interactive hashtag is an interesting way to create immediate involvement. Just ensure that you are using hashtags the right way. 

5. Use creativity to be relate-able to your audience. 

One way to hook up with your followers is being creative with your pictures. It is much more interesting and it has a better effect than posts that just look like normal advertisements.