You can up to $4000 per month working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - More and more young South Africans are relocating overseas to work as teachers, but how much can you one really expect to earn as an teacher abroad?

According to PayScale, the average salary that a South African can earn as a English as Second Language (ESL) teacher is R125,813 annually overseas.

The money that one can earn as a teacher working overseas varies depending on the country that one is working in.

Go Overseas compiled a list of the highest paying countries that employ the most foreign teachers and ranked them by how much they pay.

The top five countries were:

1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): Up to $4000 (R54080) per month.
2. Oman: Up to $3500 (R47320) per month
3. Saudi Arabia: $3000 (R40560) per month
4. Japan: $3000 (R40560) per month
5. Kuwait: $2600 (R35152) per month

SA Recruitment is an agency that offers qualified teachers the opportunity to work in China or Middle Eastern countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to their site, qualified teachers that wish to work overseas in the Middle East have the following:

The salary and benefits include a tax free salary, free furnished accommodation, return annual flights, 2 years contracts, end-of-service bonus, medical insurance and professional development.

Traveller24 has a list of some the countries that you can work as a teacher at as long as you have a degree and either a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) or a TESL (teaching English as a second language) certificate.

According their site, in countries like South Korea one can earn about $2000 (R27040) and in Japan, per month one can earn around $2400 (R32448).