Boris Johnson, leader of Britain's Conservative Party, and the UK Prime Minister. REUTERS, HENRY NICHOLLS

Well, it is official. Boris Johnson will become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Business Report takes a look at his estimated net worth and where and how he made his fortune.

The 55-year-old pro-Brexiter and former mayor of London will replace Theresa May on Wednesday. This was after he beat Jeremy Hunt to become the leader of the ruling Conservative Party. 


Johnson is currently a member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, this means that he gets an annual salary of £79 468 (R1.3 million).

When he becomes PM he will reportedly get a salary of £150 402 (R2.6 million), according to FullFact.

It should also be noted that Johnson receives £275 000 per year - or £22 916 per month (R4.7 million annually) - from the Daily Telegraph for his weekly columns. He will give up his columnist role when he becomes prime minister. 

Johnson, in addition, generates an income from the royalties of his book entitled "The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History", a biography of Winston Churchill. 

The new PM gets £49 000 (R860 000) for his book, according to Forbes. 

Forbes reports that he also receives a share of rental income from a house owned in London with his ex-wife, Marina Wheeler. 

His marital home in north London was put up for sale at a value of £3.75 million (R65 million). He will apparently make a £700 000 (R12 million) profit from the sale, the Sun reported. 

Johnson also has at least a 20% share of a Somerset property, according to British media outlets.

To date though, Johnson's total net worth is around £1.6 million (R27.7 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

The website puts Theresa May's net worth at an estimated £2 million (R34 million). 

According to The Outlet, Johnson has donated about £50,000 (R86 600) to charity.