Prince Harry is estimated to worth £34 million.
Photo: Facebook
Prince Harry is estimated to worth £34 million. Photo: Facebook

How Prince Harry made his millions

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Dec 2, 2017

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DURBAN - Prince Harry was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, but he has recently got engaged to actress Meghan Markle. Take a look at his net worth.  

We take a look what makes this prince so sought after.

Prince Henry aka Harry has an estimated net worth of £34 million, according to a number of financial sources. He net worth is rumoured to be attributed to investment incomes and other inheritances.

Princess Diana left three-quarters of her £21 million estate to her sons and the balance was left to her 17 godchildren.

Three-quarters of her estate was estimated to be £15,75 million. This means that Harry would have received £7,875 million.

On his 30th birthday, the prince who is fifth in line for the throne received the residuary estate which is the balance of his mother Princess Diana's estate. 

The estate was split into equal shares for both of her sons. At the age of 25, they were allowed to access to all the income from his trust and the power to change the final disposal of the trust if anything remained when at the time of his death. 

When he turned 30 he inherited the full share of the trust, that was approximately £10 million.

Another fund was also created for Prince Harry and his brother and their future descendants' spouses and charities as selected by the co-trustees. 

This is a discretionary fund. The fund is to be held for a time period known as "Perpetuity Period". According to Princess Diana' will the Perpetuity Period means the period commencing with the date of the last surviving descendant of his Majesty King George VI living at the date of my death".

During the time of the "Perpetuity Period", the money from the fund is to be split among the beneficiaries mentioned above as the trustees of the see fit. Upon the expiry of the fund, any money left over will then go to the living descendants of Prince Harry and his brother. 

Prince Harry and Prince William also inherited their mother's jewellery which she explained in a special letter to her sons.

Diamonds from this necklace were reportedly used for Meghan Markle's ring. Photo: Facebook

According to the letter, the distribution of the jewellery would be left up to their judgement. 

The diamonds from Meghan Markle's engagement ring are from the iconic sapphire brooch Princess Diana fashioned into a necklace.


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