Image: Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In2IT

JOHANNESBURG - In2IT Technologies, an ICT Managed Service provider, has joined forces with the Moving Ahead Development Agency (MADA), to enrich the lives of fatherless boys in South Africa through the Boys2Men Career Path programme.
The ongoing programme was started two years ago by MADA and has since brought several partners on board to assist with the initiative. 

The programme aims to arm boys with new skills, career guidance and opportunities, particularly in the fields of Engineering and Information Technology. 

Grade 9 and 10 boys from disadvantaged communities across SA, who display a predisposition for technology, now have the opportunity to dream big and look forward to a bright future.
With the collaboration of MADA and other partners, In2IT kicked off their involvement by hosting the annual five-day career path workshop for the learners at their office in Johannesburg. 

Here, individuals were invited to learn more about IT and engineering, particularly in the digital space. 

In2IT was also involved in financing towards the boys’ flights, accommodation, meals and transport while in Johannesburg.
The workshop followed with a two-day group session, where the boys were tested for their aptitude in technology and introduced to the ways in which technology is being used to change lives. 

According to Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In2IT, the children were particularly inspired by talks given by engineers who came from disadvantaged or challenging backgrounds, themselves. 

“These are boys from predominantly rural areas across South Africa, who have had little exposure to technology in their lives and have not had a chance to grasp the possibility of a future in IT". 
“We have given them a glimpse of a future in the digital space, what it means for SA and the role that they could play if they set their minds to it.

We plan on continuing our involvement in this program, keeping an eye on the boys’ progress, remaining engaged with them and giving them the incentive to work towards a future in IT.

 Hopefully, through the likes of our own learnership programme, and once they have completed their schooling, we would like to provide them with additional avenues to further their studies and potentially be a launch pad for their careers,” says Kumar.
Kumar says that South Africa is still in the grip of a deficit of suitable IT skills in the digital space. He believes that untapped talent lies in many of the rural and outlying areas of the country. 

 Where many bright minds are facing stunted futures due to lack of funds, education and disadvantaged backgrounds.
“We hope to see many of these faces in our learnership program once they graduate, and look forward to seeing them build their futures in IT and contributing to South Africa’s digital growth,” concludes Kumar.