Image: Iphone App store
Image: Iphone App store
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
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CAPE TOWN- We all spend countless hours entertaining ourselves with different cell-phone applications or we use them to make life just a lot simpler. 

The movement Time Well Spent, which campaigns for technology serving consumers and ordinary people rather than advertisers and commercial interests, has just partnered with Moment, an app which helps users track their screen time, to collect data from 200,000 iPhone users.
The study asked the iPhone users how much of their time they felt either happy or unhappy when using each one of a long list of apps.

The data that it collected suggest that the top 5 apps making people "Happy" are: 

The Top 5 Apps Making Users "unhappy" are :

However, According to the Apple Doctor, these are the following apps that every South African Should be using ;

1. SnapScan

With SnapScan you can pay using only your phone. Paying for the things you want is as easy as a snap. No need to carry cash, load a wallet, worry about your card being skimmed or wait for a credit card terminal.

2. Powertime

Powertime is essentially a tool to buy prepaid electricity with, which is linked to your credit card


The WeatherSA app has been designed with South Africans in mind. It’s simple to use, yet features detailed weather data conveniently on your mobile.

4.Private Property

Private Property’s app uses smart geo-location features making it easy to quickly search for available houses close to where you might be right now, or wherever you might be interested in.

5.SA Phonebook (1023)

This South African App makes it easier for people to save contacts in their phone. It’s an application that helps you find the number of absolutely anyone, as long as the person is using the app.