Boeing unveiled a smartphone on Wednesday that appears to come straight from a James Bond spy movie.

In addition to encrypting calls, any attempt to open the casing of the Boeing Black Smartphone deletes all data and renders the device inoperable.

The secure phone marks an extension of the communications arm of the Chicago-based aerospace and defence contractor, which is best known for jetliners and fighter planes.

The phone was aimed at government agencies and contractors who needed to keep communication and data secure, Boeing said.

Made in the US, the tamper-proof phone runs on Google’s Android operating system. It uses dual SIM cards to enable it to access multiple cellular networks.

Due to the phone’s security features, Boeing is releasing few details about the wireless network operators or manufacturer it is working with, and has not provided a price or date by which the phone might be widely available.

Boeing’s website says the phone can be configured to connect with biometric sensors or satellites. Other attachments can extend battery life or use solar power.

The company had been developing the phone for 36 months, said Boeing spokeswoman Rebecca Yeamans. “We saw a need for our customers in a certain market space” that Boeing could meet with its technology expertise, she said. – Reuters