PADDING in her bra and girdle got a woman unwelcome attention at a US airport.

Victoria Faren, 78, is being asked to forfeit about $40 000 (R426 000) she hid in her clothing and baggage while trying to board a flight from Detroit to the Philippines in April.

Customs officers got suspicious when Faren first declared $200 in cash but later said the amount was $1 200.

Federal agents found $8 000 in her carry-on and $4 977 sewn into a pouch and sealed envelopes in her bag, already past the $10 000 threshold at which travellers must declare cash.

There was more. Faren pulled $3 000 from her blouse and $2 000 that was sewn in her bra strap. Noticing bulges in her girdle, agents found $21 000 stuffed inside.

Faren had sold her house for $120 000 and was trying to carry some of the money to the Philippines. – Reuters