THE DANISH have really pushed the boat out to rid the country of crime – by sending criminals on cruises to the Caribbean in a bid to rehabilitate them.

In all, 26 city councils throughout Denmark have opted to send 59 young criminals and drug abusers to the islands.

In just five years the city governments, or municipalities, have spent a combined amount of 42 million kroner (R78.5m) on these two-year treatment programmes.

Danish newspaper, Metroexpress, reported these figures yesterday after analysing records from 98 municipalities.

As part of the programme, two or three young offenders will be put on a boat, along with a captain and a teacher, to sail through the Caribbean. The children receive their lessons on board over the course of a year, at which point they head back to Denmark to take their exams.

However, some harder criminals may be sent out again on a second voyage.

Despite the cost, the endeavour, however, does not always work.

One formerly-troubled youth, now aged 22, who completed the on-board programme, told Metroexpress that drug and alcohol abuse did not necessarily cease during their year abroad.

The students are reportedly allowed to drink alcohol during weekend trips and apparently, marijuana is surprisingly easy to source on several Caribbean islands. – Daily Mail