A southern California city council on Wednesday decided to push back a vote on whether to declare a popular hot sauce maker’s factory a public nuisance until May 14, as the two sides sought a settlement over residents’ complaints of tear-inducing fumes.

Irwindale mayor Mark Breceda told dozens of Huy Fong Foods workers wearing “Save Sriracha” shirts, as well as residents and others, that he “loves the chilli sauce”, but was asking the company for a few unspecified “little things”.

Breceda said: “No one wants you here more, Huy Fong Foods, than this city council. I’m positive we can resolve the issue.”

Irwindale filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong last October saying the smell of peppers being crushed at the plant was causing headaches and irritating the eyes and throats of residents, forcing some to remain indoors. – Reuters