Drinkworks machine with the drinks. Photo: Drinkworks website.
Drinkworks machine with the drinks. Photo: Drinkworks website.

Forget coffee pods, why not make a beer or cocktail pod drink

By Gabriella Steyn Time of article published Nov 16, 2018

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CAPE TOWN – Beverage brewing companies in the US Keurig and Anheuser-Busch have formed a joint venture to create premixed cocktails and beer pods instead of your average coffee pods. 

The name of the venture is Drinkworks and it will be debuting its first product called the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig.

The appliance takes single pod servings and turns them into cocktails and beer.

The machine also works with an iOS app over Bluetooth to tell users what the machine is doing, allow users to make pod refill orders and troubleshooting.

The company stated that an Android app will be coming soon.

The machine costs $299 (R4 258). Each cocktail pod costs $3.99, or $15.99 for four. There will be 15 cocktails at launch, including a Moscow mule, margarita, mojito, and Long Island iced tea. 

Each pod has their own unique barcode that helps the machine determine the appropriate temperature and carbonation. 

Users have to fill the machine with water and also buy a CO2 tank in order to make it work, although it’ll ship with one CO2 can that can make between 15 to 18 drinks. 

Refills cost $14.99 for a two pack. The machine and pods are launching exclusively in St Louis, Missouri at first. 

They will be available to pre-order online through Drinkworks’ website.



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