The days of skiving behind your boss’s back may be numbered, following the announcement of a new product that can track your every movement in the workplace.

Electronics manufacturer Hitachi has unveiled a high-tech ID badge that not only tracks an employee’s location in the office, it keeps a record of all the staff members they have spoken to, for how long and how energetically. Dubbed the Business Microscope, the device will send an employer information on how much time each staffer spends out of their seat – including in the toilet.

As well as being used to find out which employees spend their days wandering the office gossiping, the Microscope will record how energetically they have contributed to group meetings, where a high level of enthusiasm and animation can be a good thing.

A message posted on Hitachi’s website said: “Business Microscope uses sensor technology to measure and analyse inner company communication and activities. Multiple sensor devices are placed inside a nameplate-type sensor that is attached to employees. When the sensors come within a specific distance of each other, they recognise each other and record the face time, body and behaviour rhythm data to a server.”

Perhaps recognising the product is unlikely to be popular among employees, including its own, Hitachi says it hopes it will boost employee co-operation, leading to a better atmosphere in the workplace. – Daily Mail