A 32-year-old Sydney man whose two-year marriage ended when his wife ran off with a close friend has put her wedding dress for sale on gumtree.com.au, advertising it as “harlot-sized” and ideal for an “adulterous, deceitful, double-crossing” tramp.

The advert, which has received more than 4 015 hits on gumtree, was posted as a dress for a “Bride Seeking Eventual Infidelity”.

“Due to be married soon? Not planning on staying faithful? Want to sleep with one of your soon-to-be husband’s closest friends? Then THIS is the wedding dress for you!” says the ad, which was written by Dan Campbell, a friend of the spurned husband.

Campbell, a 25-year-old refrigeration mechanic from the south-western Sydney suburb of Bradbury, said the man, who worked in local government in Sydney, gave him full approval for the ad which describes the “stunning, tulle swathed, ivory bridal gown” as having “a proven track record of producing a traitorous ‘soulmate’”.

Campbell said he wanted to protect the jilted groom’s identity for fear of reprisals on the part of his mate’s ex-wife.

“He was absolutely wrecked when it broke up. Then it got nasty,” Campbell said.

“He went through a lot of crap. They had a divorce settlement and he’s happy now. He was laughing actually when I told him about all the attention the ad’s been getting.” – Daily Mail