The secret to a happy marriage is kissing and saying “I love you” 10 times a week and going on three dates a month, an American report has revealed.

The detailed study of 1 000 married Americans also found three surprise romantic gestures and 10 deep and meaningful conversations each month are key to a harmonious relationship.

Having three shared hobbies and interests and going on two vacations a year are also among the requirements for romantic bliss.

It also emerged many Americans believe the secret to a perfect marriage is accepting each other’s faults, trust and, importantly, being able to say sorry.

Plenty of quality time, being best friends through thick and thin, and being able to have fun together are also on the list.

A spokesman for global market researchers, which commissioned the research, said: “Anyone can get married, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort to make your marriage a perfect one.

“If you are not prepared to put the work in and take the rough with the smooth, you are going to struggle to find that ideal.”

The study, carried out between January 30 and Sunday polled Americans from across the country. It found the perfect marriage will also see couples have sex three times a week, and enjoy around seven cuddles during that time. Even having three arguments a month was among the list of secrets. – Daily Mail