FILE PHOTO: Illustration photo of a Lenovo logo
INTERNATIONAL - Lenovo as a global company enjoys international cooperation in artificial intelligence (AI) technology that benefits customers, a senior executive said Wednesday.

On the sidelines of the 2019 AI Summit held in the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, which opened earlier in the day, Feiyu Xu, vice president of Lenovo Group and head of AI Lab, Lenovo Research, said Lenovo has customers, research personnel and engineers around the world, which puts it in a strong position to conduct international cooperation.

"AI technology is very much an advanced frontline area where the technology needs to be translated into applicable know-how willingly adopted by customers," said Xu, who delivered a speech on "Explainable AI -- history, challenges, approaches and outlook" at the summit.

She expounded on the new features of Explainable AI in the context of machine learning, deep learning, its role in decision-making, and its application in future work such as supply chain improvement.

Lenovo's leadership has supported her AI lab in cooperating with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, in addition to its strong, efficient cooperation with some universities and research teams, Xu said.

Such cooperation contributes tremendously to the performance of Lenovo Chatbot, a customer service that is part of the company's AI-led innovative driving power strategy, including smart IoT, smart Verticals and smart infrastructure, she added.

Lenovo showcased its multi-modal, multi-language and multimedia Chatbot customer service at the AI summit, which is smart enough to understand human's natural language for customer service.

Lenovo engineers said the service, which supports many languages such as English, Chinese and German, has been available in more than a dozen countries and regions across the world.

The two-day 2019 San Francisco AI Summit is attracting more than 200 exhibitors from over 120 countries and regions in the world, with the estimated number of attendees at over 6,000.