The logo of Mazda Motor is displayed at the company's news conference venue in Tokyo. Photo: Reuters.

INTERNATIONAL –  Russia’s standards agency said on Friday it had been informed about the recall of 62,357 Mazda cars sold between May 2006 and November 2014.

The cars were recalled because of a possible airbag issue, the agency said. The recall concerned models Mazda 2, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-7 and Mazda BT-50, it said.

In other Mazda news, the company said that all of the vehicles it produces by 2030 will incorporate electrification, while 5 percent of its cars will be all-battery electric vehicles (EVs).

The Japanese automaker joins a growing number of global automakers who are planning to reduce emissions by producing more gasoline-hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids and battery EVs.

“By 2030, Mazda expects that internal combustion engines combined with some form of electrification will account for 95 percent of the vehicles it produces and battery electric vehicles will account for 5 percent,” the automaker said in a statement.