South Africa's High Commissioner to Mozambique, Ambassador Mandisi Mpahlwa speaks to delegates in Pemba, Mozambique. PHOTO: Supplied by department of trade, industry and competition.

JOHANNESBURG  - Mozambique, which is on a viable and vibrant upward economic development trajectory, is teeming with investment and trade opportunities for South African businesses, high commissioner Mandisi Mpahlwa has said.

He advised a group of business executives on a tour of Mozambique organised by the department of trade, industry and competition to take a "360-degree view" of the opportunities in Mozambique instead of narrowly training their sights on the gas mega-projects that have attracted global attention.

“Mozambique is going through a very momentous period both politically and economically.  The signing of the cessation of military hostilities and peace agreements in August, the general elections in October, and the amendment of the constitution were a watershed in the history of the country," Mpahlwa said.

"These gave effect to a new political dispensation and placed the country in a good position to move forward politically. What is important to you to take into consideration is that this country is on an upward economic development path that is teeming with countless opportunities to explore."

Many sectors of the economy such as agro-processing, the built environment, steel and transport would benefit from investments in the gas sector, Mpahlwa said.

"Many inputs will be required for the projects. As business people, you need to position yourself to benefit from the secondary level of the gas projects," he said. 

"You need to take a 360-degree view of the wide spectrum of these opportunities and identify Mozambican companies and businesspeople that you can establish partnerships and joint ventures with."

He told the business delegation that the Mozambican government had embarked on a major drive to electrify the county in order to increase access to electricity from about 30 percent of the population to 60 percent.

"Despite the grand plan to electrify the country, infrastructure development and agriculture are part of the Mozambican government’s economic development priorities. This mission is important in assisting you to be on the ground to see first-hand what is available.  This will help you to put your best foot forward and show that you are keen to get access to these opportunities,” said Mpahlwa.

The 45-member business group is set to attend a seminar with Mozambican counterparts in Pemba on Monday, followed by site visits on Tuesday before the delegation proceeds to the capital Maputo on Wednesday.

- African News Agency (ANA)