Namibia not ready to manage legalization of cannabis: minister

Photo: AP.

Photo: AP.

Published Jul 14, 2019


INTERNATIONAL –Namibia's Ministry of Justice said Thursday that the country was not ready to manage the legalization of cannabis or marijuana. 

Speaking in the National Assembly, Justice Minister Saccky Shangala said the country is not able to deal with the devastating effects of the drug on its people. 

"The drug is sold in lower income areas. Let us first solve the alcohol abuse problem in the country. As it is, we do not have sufficient drug rehabilitation centres. We hardly talk about mental issues," he said. 

 This comes at a time when certain groups in the country are lobbying for the legalization of the drug.

In March, some Namibians took to the streets to call on the Namibian government to legalize cannabis use in the country. 

Last year, South Africa's constitutional court legalized the private use of cannabis which allows adults to consume at home and grow it for private consumption.

Namibia is currently carrying out consultations over the matter with concerned parties around the country. 


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