Photo: Twitter.
INTERNATIONAL - Namibia's ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration announced over the past weekend that Permanent Resident Permit (PRP) holders will not be required to obtain re-entry visa in order to enter or reside in Namibia.

Previously, according to the immigration laws of the country, PRP holders were required to have a re-entry visa before they could return back to Namibia.

In an interview, Home Affairs Ministry Public Relations Officer of Namibia Sakeus Kadhikwa said the ministry had resolved that there was no need for a re-entry visa if the PRP holder already had residency in the country.

"We discovered that the whole concept was confusing people because they would argue as to why they needed a re-entry visa when they already had permanent residency," Kadhikwa said. However, Kadhikwa said, those who wish to apply for the re-entry visa for their convenience can still apply for one at the prescribed fee.