Photo: Pixaby
INTERNATIONAL – Namibia is pushing to find ways to ensure sustainable exploitation of its fishing resources that can benefit the local folk, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Essau said Thursday.

"The government established companies that exploit our fishing resources and is keen to open avenues for private sector participation," said Essau at the annual general meeting for the state owned fishing company Essau also added that Namibia and Angola are in consultation with each other to find sustainable management of fishing resources.

He argued that the two countries both see value in sustainable exploitation of the fishing products from their countries. Essau also added that Namibia has also contributed more than 20 ,000 tones of fish to help the victims of natural calamities in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique.

Recently, the suffered s outhwestern African nation  mentioned that is was suffering  drought conditions  declared by the president in May as a national disaster has so far not spared anyone in its wake as it currently affects farmers, livestock, businesses and has also exacerbated human-wildlife conflict in the rural areas.