For most people, all they require from their toilet is that it flushes without blocking itself.

But now a new hi-tech loo has been launched which includes a heated seat, a massage function, and two “sanitising nozzles” which it claims eliminates the need for toilet paper.

It even includes a lid that automatically opens and closes for you. However, at $10 000 (R108 000) it will remain little more than a pipe dream for most people.

The designers of the Toto Neorest 750H claim it is inspired by modern architecture.

The seat itself includes two stainless-steel spray nozzles, which provide “the ultimate in personal cleansing”, with a built-in dryer for your delicate areas.

There is a deodoriser to get rid of unpleasant smells, and the seat even remembers your daily routines and uses that information to mist the bowl before and after use, “preventing waste’s adherence”.

The sanitising nozzles will also clean themselves and, using a remote control, one can adjust the water pressure and temperature for maximum comfort.

The seat also has temperature control and a massage function.

As if all that wasn’t enough to tempt you, the lid has a built-in UV light which reacts with a coating on the toilet to clean it while it is not being used.

When you are finished washing, drying and massaging yourself, the toilet flushes automatically and closes the lid behind you. – Daily Mail