Pub workers, cafe owners and baristas could face an uncertain future as Honda has unveiled a talking robot – which can open and serve drinks.

Asimo is the world’s most advanced “humanoid robot”, on which Tokyo-based Honda first starting work in 1986. The latest generation Asimo has improved intelligence, enhanced hand dexterity and can run forwards and backwards, climb and descend stairs, hop and even jump.

Asimo, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, will even recognise the faces and voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously.

Using the visual information captured by the two cameras in its head, Asimo can detect the movement of multiple objects, assessing distance and direction.

Its human-like hands can open a bottle, pour a drink and carry goods while also expressing sign language. Standing at 1.3m it can also hold a soft paper cup to pour liquid without squashing it.

Asimo can also predict the direction a person will walk and instantly take an alternate path to avoid a collision.

Smiley-faced Asimo speaks English and Japanese and can carry a tray, push a cart and even play football. It is also equipped with technology that enables it to maintain its balance even if it is gently pushed or pulled.

The robot is powered by a lithium ion battery and can operate for about 40 minutes on a single charge. – Daily Mail