Women across Britain are preparing for a summer of boyfriends and husbands glued to the World Cup on television.

And it seems the girls really will get even less attention than expected as two in five men admit they would actually turn down sex to watch the football.

According to a new study, even if they do get intimate with their partners, 42 percent of men will try to “get it over with quickly” to watch an important game.

There’s room to compromise though, as 37 percent would accept their partner’s offer of sex – if they could still have the TV on at the same time. And a quarter say they think about the beautiful game while getting intimate.

As football season reaches fever pitch, the connections between football and sex are clear: the passion, the excitement, the performance… and the obvious faking. As footballing elite prepare to perform on the global stage, discussions about the feigning of injuries will take centre stage along with the acrobatic dives.

However, 70 percent of football fans agreed that those who faked it on the pitch ruined the game.

One in three even said it was worse to fake it on the pitch than in the bedroom. Researchers found that many men will fake illness or injury to get out of having sex.

Saying “I’ve got a bad back” or “I’m too tired” made up the top three excuses, with “I’ve got a headache” and “I’ve been working late” completing the top five. – DailyMail