This is Ferrari's own replica 125 S, built by Michelotto in 1987
Cape Town – In a dispatch that seemed to have come from another universe altogether, we received the news this week that Ferrari and Hublot have joined forces to design a super special edition watch.

What better way for an ageing Italian marque to celebrate its 70th birthday than with an outrageously luxurious item, a limited edition for 70 of your biggest fans.

That’s right folks, the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 Years, will be available in three versions – King Gold, PEEK Carbon and Titanium – with just 70 limited editions of each.

The watchmaker and the carmaker have said the Ferrari-designed Hublot watch was “conceived with the same approach used for designing a car” at the Ferrari Design Centre integrating Hublot’s watchmaking expertise.

Nice chassis! Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph Titanium 2. Imaged: Supplied

The Ferrari “design approach was described as “using the same creative processes as that used to develop a new sports car” with the starting point, the Hublot movement, being described as the “engine” around which a “high performance chassis” is designed.

“The Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon Chronograph opens a new chapter in the partnership that unites Hublot and Ferrari,” we are told. Designed by Ferrari, crafted by Hublot, worn by ... as I said, it’s happening in another universe.