TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 777 plane takes off from Lisbon's airport
INTERNATIONAL – Pilots of the TAAG Angola Airlines called off the strike they intended to conduct as from September 5, after an agreement has been reached between the firm and pilots' union, the state-owned national airline said Wednesday.

The airline added that it finally reached a solution to sort out the complaints of the pilots' union, which includes a new work contract that does not jeopardize the sustainability of the firm.

In August, pilots and stewardess staff of the TAAG Angola Airlines said they would halt services for 10 days if the firm does not improve salaries and value them.

According to the union, a significant number of pilots of the TAAG Angola Airlines are nearly 65 years (age-limit to fly) and that since 2011 at least 12 professionals, including co-pilots and young commanders, quit the firm in the quest for better salaries.

The TAAG Angola Airlines employs 3,100 people and is part of the overall 195 public firms the Angolan government intends to privatize until 2022 in the ambit of its privatization program, ProPriv.