The owners of a pub in Cornwall got more than they bargained for after a sign to tempt in punters during a month of roadworks gave their pub a rude make-over.

Georgie Robinson, the landlady of the Wig and Pen in Truro, innocently sent off for a sign after 3-metre tall white boards appeared in front of her pub. It was supposed to say “The Wig & Pen is open for business”. But their solution took an unexpected turn after a printing error left the sign saying “The Wig & Penis open for business” instead – much to the amusement of the regulars.

Although the missing space – and its unintentional consequences – were noticed from the start, pub staff were so anxious to show they were still open that they put it up straight away.

Robinson, who runs the pub with her husband, said: “It looked like the pub was not even there anymore – so we got a sign done to let people know we hadn’t closed.”

While the sign was up it became a “running joke” with regulars at the pub, which prides itself on its home-cooked food. A photo of the blooper posted online attracted huge attention.

And even though the boards have come down and the pub’s usual signs can be seen, the lewd alternative has gained a following and hangs on the pub’s railings.

“It became a bit of a running joke in the pub with the regulars. They’re loving it. I hope some more people will come in as a result. We’ve put it back up outside.” – Daily Mail