Protesters shout slogans during a rally in Athens, September 29, 2010. About 500 Greek workers joined a rally organised by the country's main labour unions on Wednesday and later marched to parliament to protest against austerity measures. The banner reads: "EU and IMF get out".

About 1,000 members of a student group backed by the Communist party have marched through central Athens to Parliament to protest austerity measures taken to fight the bloated deficit.

The students are protesting education cutbacks and say they will be out in force for another demonstration scheduled during the Dec. 15 nationwide general strike.

Unions have held a series of strikes this year against the government's austerity measures, which have included wage cuts, pension freezes and tax hikes as part of Greece's international bailout loan agreement.

Greece is receiving e110 billion ($143 billion) in a three-year loan package from the International Monetary Fund and other European Union countries that use the euro. The bailout saved Greece from defaulting on its debts in May. - Sapa-AP