A secretary who posted nude pictures of herself in the Swiss parliament to more than 11 000 followers on Twitter told a newspaper yesterday she did not believe she had broken any rules.

Many of the “selfies” were taken in her office in the Federal Palace, a 162-year-old-domed building in Berne where Switzerland’s government and parliament meet, according to Swiss daily Neue Zuercher Zeitung.

The unidentified woman, a secretary at the parliament, told the newspaper that the pictures did not violate guidelines for federal employees because they were part of her private life.

The report did not say why she had posted them.

A spokesman for the government’s human resources department said he had only learnt of the case from yesterday’s news report.

“Parliamentary services will have to decide, based on the specific circumstances, whether this case breaches good faith obligations between employer and employee,” Anand Jagtap said.

When asked if she worried that her colleagues might see the pictures, the woman employee said: “The issue is on my mind constantly.”

A poll commissioned by smartphone and camera maker Samsung found that selfies made up 30 percent of the photos taken by people aged 18-24. – Reuters