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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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The 10 most expensive countries to get coffee

File Image: IOL

File Image: IOL

Published Jun 3, 2018


INTERNATIONAL - UBS Global Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Office (CIO) has published new research that focuses on how prices and earnings of 77 international cities are compared against each other. 

The study compares 128 prices of a variety of goods and services as well as average earnings of 15 professions representing the average working population. The company has around 75,000 data points and you can visit their site to see results which allow you to compare cities and explore their development over time.

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One of these reports focused and compared the prices of getting black coffee (Americano) of regular size, excluding the cost of sugar and milk.

77 cities were used for the study, such as: 

Doha, Copenhagen, Dubai, Zurich, Shanghai, Manama, Johannesburg, Vienna, Moscow, Geneva, Seoul and more. 

Qatar capital Doha was found to have the priciest cup of coffee at $6.40, followed by Copenhagen at $6.24, and the Middle Eastern economic powerhouse Dubai, at $5.70. 

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The cheapest cities included Rome R12,56 ($0.99), Lisbon R9,39 ($0.74), and Nigeria’s Lagos, where the cheapest coffee can be found at an average of R7,86 ($0.62).

Additionally, Johanessburg was also added to report and came in as the 70th cheapest city to get coffee with a price of R12,67 ($1, 59).

Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive places to get coffee:

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Countries Total of coffee in rands 1. Doha R81.15 ( $6.40) 2. Copanhagen R79.12 ($6. 24) 3. Dubai R72.30 ($5.70) 4. Zurich R63.17 ($4.98) 5. Manama R60.76 ($4.79) 6. Shanghai R58.35 ($4.60) 7. Beijing R56.07 ($4.42) 8. Vienna R55.18 ($4.35) 9. Moscow R54.67 ($4.31) 10. Geneva R53.40 ($4.21)

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