With the World Cup upon us, football fans from around the globe are looking for the perfect place to watch the action.

And just in time, London-based manufacturer Titan has launched the world’s largest television to view all the goals in high definition.

Named Zeus, the television is 8m by 5m, which is around the size of a football goal – and it could be yours for £1 million (R17.9m).

This means that football fans can watch the World Cup games with players at actual size and in 4K – the equivalent of double high definition.

The huge screen can work in “panel format” allowing viewers to watch up to 20 channels at any one time, at the same time.

The TV additionally comes pre-built with a dynamic CGI aquarium turning into a giant fish tank, which uses motion tracking technology and is touch sensitive.

Only four Zeus screens will be made, and the first two having already been pre-sold to a British media millionaire and to a hotel on the seafront in Cannes.

The one sold to the unnamed British millionaire is thought to be installed at the bottom of their swimming pool.

The final two can be bought through the website.

But if £1m is too much, Titan said it also “creates bespoke screens aimed at the mid-range market, selling TVs for £150 000”. – Daily Mail