Box of vials containing the rabies vaccine manufactured by the vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology, is seen next to a sealed package of the same vaccines to be recalled at a local disease prevention and control centre in Huangshan
INTERNATIONAL - China's cabinet investigation group has found that vaccine maker Changsheng Bio-technology broke the law in manu- facturing rabies vaccines, the state news agency Xinhua reported on Friday. 

The investigation group said the company had systematically falsified production and testing records to avoid regulatory scrutiny, according to Xinhua. 

“The company used expired materials to produce some rabies vaccine and falsified the production date,” the investigation group found. 

“To cover up violations, the company systematically fabricated production and testing records.” China has launched sweeping spot checks on vaccine makers around the country after Changsheng was found to have falsified data and sold ineffective vaccines for children.