A customer scans his Amazon Go cellphone app at the entrance as he heads into an Amazon Go store, Monday, Jan. 22, 2018, in Seattle. The store, which opened to the public on Monday, allows shoppers to scan their smartphone with the Amazon Go app at a turnstile, pick out the items they want and leave. The online retail giant can tell what people have purchased and automatically charges their Amazon account. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

INTERNATIONAL - Amazon Go will be expanding to Chicago and San Francisco, according to a report from The Seattle Times.

This will mark the first expansion of the online retailer’s cashier-less grocery store, which first launched in Seattle. Amazon has posted job listings for store managers at upcoming locations in Chicago and San Francisco, in The Seattle Times.

Additionally, the news was confirmed by an Amazon representative. However, no time or date has been announced yet. The first Amazon Go location opened back in January near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle.

How it works:

The automated store has customers scan their phone when they first arrive. Cameras and sensors are then used to track what items customers have picked up and automatically charge them when they leave the store.


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