Medical workers perform medical treatment on a patient in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province. Picture: Xinhua/Xiong Qi/IANS

A new hospital in Wuhan to treat patients at the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak that has affected thousands of people will be built in 10 days.

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital is scheduled to be in use by February 3 to accommodate a growing number of coronavirus-infected patients. 

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This is the second time that China is pulling off such a massive feat. Construction workers in Beijing built Xiaotangshan Hospital in just under seven days during the Sars outbreak in 2003. The design of the new hospital will be based on the design of Xiaotangshan Hospital.

Construction for the new hospital began as warnings of bed shortages emerged at local hospitals around China. Death tolls in China are currently 132 today with 5,974 new cases reported by authorities.

The hospital seeks to isolate people with Coronavirus. It will have the capacity for assessment and triage, some imaging capabilities, a clinical laboratory, a pharmacy, and rooms for isolation focusing exclusively on those infected with Coronavirus.

Moreover, according to James Crispino, global health and wellness practise area leader and principal at Gensler, airflow is also key in this type of facility. The best way to control airborne infectious diseases is to take care of patients in isolation rooms, ideally each with a gowning and handwashing anteroom. 

Chinese authorities are doing the best they can to make sure that Coronavirus remains at least stable by exerting best efforts to contain or minimise the spread of the disease, through isolating patients in 61 clinics and approved hospitals. 

"We've mobilised all the workers left in Wuhan to work in shifts to ensure round-the-clock construction," said Wuhan Construction construction group manager Zhang Chongxi.

Xinhua stated that the new hospital will have a capacity of 1,000 beds spread over 25,000 square meters (270,000 sq feet). 

The 11 million residents of Wuhan are currently isolated from the outer world, and in what was once a bustling city, has since become a ghost town.