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CAPE TOWN - The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, kicked off on February 9 and features cutting-edge technology. 

We take a look at some of the technologies featured during the ongoing Olympics, according to International technology news, The Verge. 


The games kicked off on an ill-fated start after officials confirmed that a cyber attack occurred during the opening ceremonies. 

According to reports, internet access and WiFi crashed on Friday, as the games opening ceremonies commenced. Attendees were also prevented from printing their tickets as the website of the games also shut down. 

According to Pyeongchang organizing committee spokesman, Sung Baik-you, he said that an attack had taken place. However, the issues have since been resolved. 


The opening ceremony featured a pre-recorded footage of 1 218 drones flying together in sync. This is the most amount of drones that have flown together, breaking the Guinness World Record. 

Every drone fleet performance is controlled by one pilot. They are fitted with LED lights to produce a virtually unlimited number of colour combinations. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has announced that it will supply 4 000 special edition Galaxy Note 8 devices to staff members and those competing in the Winter Olympics. 

The special edition device features a unique white glass back which represents winter. It is also embellished with gold Olympic Rings, inspired by the Olympic Torch. 

Although the device features the same specs as the standard Note 8, it comes with pre-loaded PyeongChang 2018 themed wallpapers.

Augmented Reality

The New York Times launched an iOS based visualisation of four Olympic athletes. 

The visualisation features figure skater Nathan Chen, speedskater J.R. Celski, ice hockey goalie Alex Rigsby, and snowboarder Anna Gasser. 

How it works is, when you move your phone, you can bring certain details to life such as Gasser’s posture or the protective caps on Celski’s gloves.

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