The Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (Sterg) at Stellenbosch has received international recognition for their research in the concentrating solar power community.
INTERNATIONAL - Zambia is seeking proposals from potential developers of solar power projects with a combined 200 megawatt (MW) capacity as it tries to diversify its energy mix away from hydroelectric power.

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa said in a statement at an investment conference on Tuesday that the 200 MW would be split into small projects, each with a maximum size of 20 MW.

Zambia is heavily dependent on hydropower and faced electricity shortages following a drought in 2016, forcing Africa’s No.2 copper producer to ration power to its mines.

Enel Green Power’s head of Africa, Asia and Oceania Lamberto Dai Pra told Reuters at the same conference that African countries should invest in technologies other than hydropower.

Dai Pra said Enel Green Power had started building five wind power projects in South Africa, which would add 700 MW of electricity to its output when completed in the next few years.