President Jacob Zuma and ANCYL president Collen Maine Picture: Bonganu Mbatha

CAPE TOWN - Mpumalanga-based company, Just Coal CEO Joe Singh admitted to giving R500,000 to the African National Congress Youth League's (ANCYL’s) general account, in the hope that it would deter Eskom from terminating its contract but nothing materialised, reports Eyewitness News. 

This claim has however been slammed as a ''smear campaign" by the Youth League. 

According to the Youth League, the funds are an innocent donation and the League denies having anything to do with Eskom. "We don’t work at Eskom, how do you bribe us for that?”

The ANCYL’s Mlondi Mkhize further stated that this was a ruse to tarnish the reputation of its president, Collen Maine. Mkhize reiterated that it was not a bribe but a mere donation. 

“There’s no one in the Youth League who works at Eskom to start with. Secondly, there’s no one who sits in any structure or board or whatever,” Mkhize said. 

Just Cole CEO, Singh, contradicts the Mkhize, insisting that the youth league approached them, offering their help. 

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“The ANC Youth League came to us and said they will help me and I said okay fine. We didn't give it to any person in their personal capacity. I don’t feel too bad about that." Singh said.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is now calling for the arrest of Singh, following his admission that he paid the ANCYL R500 000 in return for political favours. Following this, the ANCYL and Singh met to supposedly find a "political solution". 

The DA has confirmed that charges will be made against Maine and Singh in accordance with Section 3 of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities (PACCA) Act, which the DA says the two parties may have contravened.