Beaufort West’s main water source, the Gamka Dam, is completely dry. Picture: Western Cape Government

CAPE TOWN - The Beaufort West business community is thriving even though their main water source of the area, the Gamka Dam has ran dry.

In an interview with the Cape Argus, the town's mayor Japie van der Linde confirmed that the residents of the area are solely dependent on borehole water, though this is feared to soon run dry.

The town requires R23 million to develop its water infrastructure.

Businesses in the hospitality industry have remained operational in the area, as the owners chose not to rely on municipal water supply. 

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Owner of Donkin Country House, Attie Arnoldi says, "I have never used municipal water for my business, therefore, I have my own borehole water; water scarcity in the area has not affected the running of the business". 

Sun1 Hotel, Assistant Manager, Florein Naude says, "so far we have not experienced much impact of the situation, the Western Cape government has been liaising with us and we recently had a meeting with them".


Owner of Oasis Hotel, Herman de Vries also says since the establishment of his business 10 years ago, he never relied on municipal water as he new that Beaufort West does not have enough water. 

"My business operations have not been affected by drought, I use my borehole water," De Vries concluded.

The municipality says it has been providing support as much as possible and calls on residents to save water as much as they can.

The Democratic Alliance last week said in statement, "the drought in the province is a matter of extreme concern and should not be taken lightly".