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JOHANNESBURG - Not all of the new trends on our planet are for the betterment of humanity; unfortunately today we discuss one of them: Fake news. 

Perspective’s, ideology, news, personal choice, social media and governments all have a part to play in this new world of ”alternative facts”. 

Today Dion Chang of Flux Trends unpacks how the Internet and Social Media in particular have led to rise of echo chambers which have fueled fake news stories; Echo chambers refer to what information one sees online, because social people on social network (generally) only associate with those they agree with, the news that see on the feeds is slanted towards their beliefs, this can be on economic, social, political or cultural topics, but the essence is that people don’t get enough different perspectives on issues. 

This lack of CREDIBLE information leaves people uninformed and so an avenue is left open which fake news pushers have gladly exploited.


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