A saleswoman displays platinum rings at a jewellery store in New Delhi, India. File picture: Parivartan Sharma

London - Johnson Matthey, the world's top supplier of catalytic converters, said on Monday it would stop publishing its platinum review after 28 years of a report widely seen as the industry standard for platinum group metals.

Sources said the announcement from chief executive Neil Carson came after Anglo American Platinum withdrew its funding for the research.

JM in February agreed on an extension of its metal supply agreement with Anglo and on a separate contract to provide Anglo with PGM market research services.

It did not specify, however, how long the research contract would go on.

The Platinum 2013 review, released earlier on Monday to mark the start of London Platinum Week, forecast a rise in prices of palladium due to reduced supply from Russian stocks and stronger Chinese auto demand.

Johnson Matthey will publish an interim review of the 2013 report later this year. - Reuters