5 Bitcoin Apps you never knew you needed

Bitcoin apps

Bitcoin apps allows you to perform multiple activities like the latest updates, price alerts, send and receive bitcoins, make payments, and trade bitcoin.

Published Sep 21, 2020


With several options available on the play store for android or app store for iOS, it can become quite confusing to decide which app to install. Before downloading the app, it is essential that you first identify which Bitcoin app will benefit your needs. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve listed the top five apps you could use for all your Bitcoin needs.

Establish your needs for a Bitcoin App

Before attempting to download the app, ask yourself why do you want a bitcoin app, and which app meets your requirements? With so many apps available, It is important to note that each app may serve a different purpose. Identify your needs and requirements for the Bitcoin app, once you’re able to identify these needs and requirements you’ll be able to choose one that is beneficial to you.

Bitcoin apps we recommend:

Bitcoin.com Wallet

Bitcoin.com is a wallet app that allows you to store your bitcoins in a safe and secure platform. Great for long term storage, Bitcoin.com allows you to not only purchase and sell your bitcoin but also allows you to store your Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Providing high-security features such as fingerprint authentication, and face recognition features, you’ll be able to make safe secure bitcoin transactions.


Self-proclaiming its platform as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency apps amongst crypto users, Coinbase keeps almost 99% of its assets in offline cold storage, providing users with high-security features such as two-step verification. Apart from bitcoin, it also supports multiple cryptocurrencies available for android and iOS.

With services such as a digital wallet, market data for several cryptocurrencies, price alerts, and trading platforms, severe cryptocurrency users, will have access to performing all the operations.


Beneficial for traders and investors, Blockfolio not only supports bitcoin but also supports many other cryptocurrencies. Providing beneficial information such as price alerts, details about different digital coins, price charts, you’ll be able to build and strengthen your portfolio on Blockfolio.

Bitcoin Checker

Voted as one of the top crypto monitoring apps on the Playstore, the Bitcoin Checker app allows you to keep track of multiple cryptocurrencies from different crypto exchanges. Available only to Android users, the app comes in handy for tracking the price of other digital coins.

Bitcoin Miner

Known for its great versatility, the bitcoin miner app allows you to mine bitcoin from your smartphone. However, it is not recommended to do mobile mining as it is not efficient and profitable than traditional mining and uses a high consumption of electricity which can result in damages to your phone.

With so many options available to you, it’s crucial to identify whether or not they will be beneficial to your bitcoin needs. We hope that by giving you insight into the above-mentioned apps, you’ll be able to find a bitcoin app that not only meets your bitcoin needs but will also provide you with safe, secure and convenient bitcoin services. However, if you find yourself wanting to invest in cannabis stocks, visit the bitcoin era for more information.

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