South African battery chickens in a poultry farm.Photo: EPA

JOHANNESBURG - MEC of Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development Lebogang Maile, on Tuesday would be visiting the Rooikraal Arendnes Farm in Boksburg , Gauteng .

The farm has been affected by bird flu (Avian Influenza) and has resulted in the closure of operations. The MEC’s visit would be to solicit a deeper understanding of the impact of the disease outbreak. the MEC would engage with senior management of the farm, amidst the looming job losses, as a result of the closure of the farm.

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The farm produces table eggs and they supply the big retailers with eggs. Since the outbreak of the bird flu (Avian Influenza), the farm had close to 400,000 layer hens which produced around 400,000 eggs per day.

Already the confectionary market was negatively affected by the short supply of eggs to the market. What was more worrying was that poor communities depend on eggs as an affordable source of protein. The shortage due to the outbreak could inevitably fuel an increase in the price of eggs.