JOHANNESBURG - Mike Tyson recently announced his plan to open his own 40-acre cannabis resort in the wake of the recent legalisation of marijuna in the state of California (CA). The US state expects a big boom in canabis production since the prohibition was lifted.  

The recreational use of cannabis has been broadly legalised in California, with retail businesses selling the drug to customers over the age of 21.

Tyson, who has been vocal on his beliefs of the healing properties of Marijuana, began the resort's construction in a remote desert in California City, CA. He has since partnered with businessmen, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, as well as city's mayor, Jennifer Wood. Wood described the business venture as a "rebirth for the city."

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The 51-year-old former champion says the resort will be named "Tyson Resort" and says he aims to employ men and women who have served in the armed forces. Tyson says the resort will also have, what will be called, the Tyson Cultivation School, to educate marijuana growers on how to produce the perfect strains.

Tyson's ranch will produce high quality strains of THC and CBD. The center will also focus on advancing research on the health benefits of marijuana.

Tyson's partner, Hickman told American publication, The Blast that, "half of the ranch will be dedicated towards cultivation facilities that ‘will allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment’, and will also feature a hydro-feed plant and supply store, extraction facilities, an edible factory, premium ‘glamping’ campgrounds and cabins, and an amphitheater.

Tyson has said he hopes that his ranch will help with medical research of canabis.