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JOHANNESBURG - The Mining Forum of South Africa (MFSA) have welcomed the decision taken by the Chamber of Mines on Wednesday to withdraw a court interdict against the Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane, from implementing the reviewed Mining Charter. 

According to a statement from MFSA, "Even though the Chamber has withdrawn its court interdict as it deems it unnecessary after the Minister confirmed that he will not implement the Charter before December court case, the Mining Forum of South Africa still believes that the implementation of the newly reviewed charter is necessary to transform the majority of blacks in South Africa." 

The statement went on to say that MFSA have been on the ground engaging with the communities and it further stated that the communities of South Africa support the reviewed mining charter and will rally behind the minister to support him. 

"The communities are eagerly waiting for the implementation of the charter by the minister and demands a fair equitable benefits from mining activities," the statement read.

The statement continued, "The Chamber of Mines which represents the interests of the mining houses is protecting the few minority who have long benefited from the country’s minerals and continue to exclude most of the black society from participating in the country’s minerals. White monopoly capital continues to dominate in the mining sector and the blacks are getting the crumbs and even nothing from mining activities. This charter comes at a time when it is crucial and it seeks to bring transformation to those who have long been excluded. These mining houses have failed even to keep up with the 26% BEE shareholding for which they were fronting." 

The MFSA said in their statement that it believes that it is time that the public be educated about the charter because most of these communities were not aware of the charter and its power to transform them. 

"We will take upon ourselves to ensure that people know about the charter and how it will benefit them, most our people are suffering in the mining communities where these mining houses are operating and it is time to be educated about the charter so that they know what they are entitled to. We call this entitlement because most of these mining houses behaves as if they are doing a favour to our black communities when they do little things in these communities. They have set their social responsibility’s goals to help communities for years and they have failed and not because they were unable to deliver but it is because they continue to undermine our communities and the law. They continue to generate profit year in and out but our people continue to live in absurd conditions and are getting more and more poorer," MFSA went on to say via thier statement. 

The statement concluded, " We are of the view that the charter should be implemented by the minister and those mining companies that do not want to adhere to it should leave the country and create space for new investors. We see that they also undermine the laws of this country because at times no one holds them accountable, we strengthen that the minister should stick to his initiative and be strict in implementing the charter. The mining houses cannot dictate how they should be governed and how the laws should be and they should not be the law unto themselves and they should not only care about making profits. It seems that anything directed at transforming the black society will chase the investors away, this is an excuse made by the Chamber because they have no interest in transforming our black communities.