Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba.

The Finance Ministry has responded to the recent report by the South African Council of Churches.

Minister Malusi Gigaba has indicated that he's noted the report by The State Capacity Research Project, commissioned by the South African Council of Churches (SACC),which was released last week.

He acknowledges and shares the serious concerns about corruption that were raised in the report. He's indicated that the interest of the people should always be central in the decisions of public officials.

Notwithstanding these concerns, the minister has also indicated that there are conclusions made in the report that he does not agree with. Given the serious nature of the issues raised, the minister will engage with the SACC to address the areas of disagreement.

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“We have great appreciation for the unique role that faith-based organisations such as the SACC have to play in building a united front to defeat the malaise corruption,” said Minister Gigaba.

The minister feels that institutions of the state should be used for the benefit of all within the South African society, and not for self-enrichment.

Minister Gigaba indicated that transformation of society to create a more inclusive economy has to be done while observing the highest standards of corporate governance.

According to the minister, inclusive growth is meant to achieve broad-based transformation, mobilise investment, and create jobs for the benefit of all South African citizens.