File image: IOL

JOHANNESBURG - MTN users have been experiencing data problems in parts of South Africa after an “unsuccessful” network upgrade.

Network users have reported bad signal and data problems since early on Thursday morning.

MTN has now confirmed that the problem is specifically affecting users' data, which can't be accessed.

“The upgrade was unfortunately unsuccessful and has resulted in a data fault on the network serving Randburg and parts of Cape Town. Only the data service is affected, voice systems remain fully functional, said MTN. 

MTN spokesperson Jacqui O'Sullivan has apologized to users and says they are hopeful that the problem will be resolved in the next hour. 

"The Randburg node may be having some impact on traffic in other areas of the network. It is a data problem, voice is not affected whatsoever and we do anticipate that the problem will be solved by about 9.30am this morning.", said O'Sullivan. 

Currently, data services still remain inaccessible for many users.