Former Eskom board chairman Zola Tsotsi Photo: Chantall Presence/ANA

CAPE TOWN - After the suspension of four Eskom executives in 2015,  Zola Tsotsi was said to be an unfit director, the parliamentary inquiry into allegations of state capture at Eskom was told on Wednesday.

The former Eskom chairperson was then forced to resign and, according to him, did so under duress.

“Hardly a week went by and l was faced with having to defend myself against accusations from several board members that I was not consulting the Board in the preparatory work on the inquiry,” Tsotsi told the inquiry.

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“The board engaged a law firm to trump up charges against me that I am not fit to be a director of the company.

“On 23 March, in the dead of night, I was given an ultimatum by the board to resign or be charged with lack of fitness to be a director. l resigned under duress.”

“Tsotsi further claimed that the charges against him were spurious.

“My removal – not resignation – from Eskom, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt, was orchestrated from somewhere else.”

Tsotsi also said the committee needs to look that the #GuptaLeaks emails.

The emails show that former CEO Nazeem Howa of Oakbay wrote a statement to Ben Ngubane about his resignation 10 days before he actually resigned.

“This letter was purported to have occurred 10 or so days before my resignation,”  Tsotsi said.

“My resignation was being discussed long before I resigned”.

“There was a conversation where board members who served with me were having a conversation with an outsider with how to reflect my resignation from the board."

“I have every reason to wonder if my situation was not orchestrated from somewhere.”

The inquiry continue. 

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