A Checkers Hyper store on Black Friday. Photo: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - The National Black Consumer Council has warned consumers to be vigilant and not to fall on the trap of 'emotional black mail'.

NBCC general secretary, Dr. Ray Russon says, "This is a time when they make the most profit from you because they drive you into a frenzy to buy all the nonsense that you don’t need. Remember that specials are always there; you must just look for them".

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Russon has reminded consumers that the Consumer Rights Act is always there to protect them. "You can return any items that you may have purchased in your emotional state".

"The origins of the term is disputed. Black Friday is the day after Thanks Giving in the USA. It is reported that in 1621 native Americans invited the new arrivals (Europeans) to a harvest festival. The colonialists then adopted this day and called it Thanks Giving to celebrate their first harvest during which slaves were used as entertainers. They forced them to sing; dance; run or even box each other. The following day; the slaves that sang well; danced well and boxed well were auctioned at high prices and the losers were sold for less. This became known as Black Friday," NBCC statement read.

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It's is only three days before consumers hit retail shelves on the lookout for discounted items.