Irvin Jim is the general secretary of NUMSA. Picture: Gcina Ndwalane

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) is calling for an independent investigation into the process which led to Molefe’s reinstatement. In a recently released statement NUMSA has indicated that Eskom is a public utility and such shenanigans should not be allowed to persist. The organisation indicated that it believes that this decision smells of cronyism and corruption and an urgent enquiry must take place to look into the matter. NUMSA emphasised that the fact that Eskom is a public entity and therefore the Public Protector is best placed to deal with this matter. The organisation stressed that it is  also considering to  take legal action on this issue. The organisation  wants to know whether proper processes and procedures were followed to justify this situation.

Furthermore, NUMSA indicated it believes that the entire Eskom board must be removed. The organisation highlighted  that the reason that State Owned Enterprises are in a crisis is that the boards no longer serve the interests of the public as a whole. NUMSA indicated that boards are often used as part of the political machinery to dispense patronage. The organisation pointed out that when you look at the scandals which have rocked the power utility, and the examples of wasteful expenditure, it is clear that the public cannot trust the Eskom board to act in their interest. 

NUMSA indicated that it is calling for the boards of all SOE’s to be reconstituted. It believes that the board should be made up of representatives from labour, civil society and business. NUMSA indicated that the  board should put the interests and the needs of Workers and the poor first. It further indicated that the board must champion localization in order to build the economy. The organisation believes that transforming the board in this way, it can root out corruption in all SOE’s and ensure that they act in the interest of the public.